I start each day making a pot of coffee because I love the motions of moving around the kitchen.
When I’m in the workshop, I can lose hours.
I’d probably lose days if my husband didn’t come home at 5:30pm and bring be back down to earth.
I love working with wood because no two piece is the same. There are drafts, no going back, no practice rounds; just sit down with a piece of pine and a hot wire and don’t fuck it up.
When I go to places like Colorado, California, Hudson Valley, Georgia… I could stare at the horizon line for an entire day just trying to memorize every detail that makes that moment magic.

Each piece has a little bit of my soul. My hands have touched the textures, my mind has carried the depth of each burn, my eyes have gone blurry trying to see if the textures and contrast honor the scene I’m trying to convey.

Thank you for being here. I am an open book when it comes to my art, who I am, and how my pieces are made. Please always feel free to ask questions or just share some love,


The name Willow Woman spoke to me though the song Willow Woman by Kevin Desabrais. See the link below to listen for yourself.

Willow Woman by Kevin Desabrais